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National Work Readiness Credential

The National Work Readiness Council is a group of work readiness innovators that have been studying these new skills for over five years.

The Council has engaged in an applied research project with entry level workers and frontline managers, across industry sectors, to create a skills profile and assessment that measures the foundational skills of value creating relationships.

The National Work Readiness Assessment
To measure value creating relationship skills, our web-based assessment uses real world scenarios in four modules: 
1. Situational judgment
2. Oral language
3. Read with understanding
4. Use math to solve problems

The National Work Readiness Credential
When individuals successfully complete the assessment they receive a National Work Readiness Credential as a confirmation that they have the skills to add value on the frontline in entry level workplaces.

How to get involved
The assessment is a web-based proctored test. Individuals must go to a certified assessment site to be tested.

Assessment sites can be located at different types of organizations including: business, community colleges, workforce development agencies and community based organizations.

The Council has over 130 assessment sites nation-wide and is actively seeking new public and private sector organizations to become part of the network.

View our current list of assessment sites: NWRC Assessment Sites (PDF)

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National Work Readiness Credential Candidate Handbook
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