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About Us

The National Work Readiness Credential was developed through a five-year, national consensus-building process that included businesses, unions, chambers of commerce, education and training professionals, and state workforce investment boards in the founding states of Florida, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Washington, the District of Columbia, as well as JA Worldwide.

Our Vision
The Entry Level Workplace is a platform of individual worker success, business innovation and enhanced customer value.

Our Mission
To assure excellence and inspire innovation in the entry level workplace by producing quality work readiness standards and assessments.

Our beliefs:

:: We Believe Entry Level employees are part of the service, knowledge and innovation
economy, simply in the first rungs of its career ladders.
:: Excellence in the entry level workplace provides opportunity for employees
and growth for business.
:: The entry level workplace is a key source of business innovation.
:: Excellence and innovation occur when entry level workers and frontline managers
work together to deliver customer value.
:: Workers and managers need a common understanding of the skills necessary
to deliver customer value.
:: A common understanding of skills is based on standards that respect both worker
desire for meaningful work and management performance.
:: Entry level workers and frontline managers learn by doing and reflecting.

Staff Bios

Joe Mizereck, Acting Executive Director, National Work Readiness Council
Joe has over 20 years of experience in workforce and education programs. Prior to joining the NWRC, Joe developed and managed a network of WorkKeys job profiler centers for the State of Florida.

Investing Partners
State of New Jersey
State of New York
State of Florida
State of Washington
District of Columbia
Rhode Island Economic Policy Council
JA Worldwide
Annie E. Casey Foundation
Fannie Mae Foundation
Dollar General Foundation

National Work Readiness Council
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